Our background

In 1991, A&C Systems was founded in Berg. Today, you’ll find us in Hoegaarden (BE - head office) and in Zaltbommel (NL). We supply smartphones, DECT phones, tablets, navigation systems, e-mobility products and (smart) accessories in the Benelux countries. In an ever-changing market, our business - originally as a product supplier - has undergone a massive evolution. We have evolved into being a full service provider, offering a great many solutions that provide rapid access for all to our added value products and services.

Bruno Lisen and Jan Cools founded A&C Systems and specialized in telecommunication accessories
A&C moved to Hoegaarden
A&C launched a range of solutions alongside their traditional distribution role
Semi-automated logistics platform opened in Hoegaarden
A&C acquired a majority stake in LOOP & TeleQare, and acquired the commercial activities of Global Sat Belgium
The A&C Group was founded, consisting of the following companies: A&C Systems, LOOP and TeleQare

The A&C team

Our employees are a source of inspiration and creativity, each and every day!

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Provide everyone with solutions that ease access to our connected products and services
Our vision of being a modern distributor is based on two ambitions:

  1. Making your daily life easier by providing you best in class logistics, financial, IT, sales and marketing solutions to distinguish yourself and to prepare for what is next.
  2. Offering you an inspiring work environment, where your initiatives are recognized and where you feel committed to getting things done.
  • Innovation
    In order to stand out, we act and think differently by distinguishing ourselves in how we reach our audience, in what we offer them and in the way we interact with everyone.
  • Openness
    Our long term relations are built on clear and transparent communication where we can say what we think, share what will come and accept the thoughts and visions of others.
  • Responsibility
    Everything we do, is it individually or in teamwork, contributes to facilitate our journey to success.
  • Dedication
    We commit ourselves to go beyond our boundaries to make life easier.